Why haven’t I thought of headphones before?

We’re going on a big road trip tomorrow (Banff!), and in an effort to preserve our sanity as much as possible, I picked up headphones for each of the kids yesterday.

Oliver and Ivy wanted to try them out right away, so I plugged them into the iPad and my iPhone.


And then, it was QUIET. So quiet that I went to bed for a nap. And actually slept.

(And yes, that is a Sophia the First set complete with crown and a Guardians of the Galaxy set with fur and ears. Obvs.)

When Seth and Ben got home from school, it was their turn. Tunes on, headphones on, and again, quiet.


And happy, too. They were having the best time. Seth loves those headphones so much, he said, “They’re like REAL headphones. Like TEENAGER ones!” The new headphones kept them busy, and momma happy, until supper time. Although I was concerned by the fact that they had appeared to have aged four or five years instantly. Well, not Ben maybe. The lack of teeth keeps him looking young.

IMG_0249 IMG_0267

Now I’m wondering why I never thought of headphones earlier!

This bad day.

I feel like I’m in a depressing rut, just spinning my wheels every day but not getting anywhere. Laundry, housework, sewing work, hospital work, cooking, answering pointless questions from preschoolers, etc., etc. Repeat times a million. I need a fresh start. A clean house. A menu plan. A blank slate. And I feel like it’s never going to happen.

Sometimes it just feels like too much. Like I just can’t do it; I’m drowning. Or like I just don’t WANT to to do it. 

And then I’m going crazy. Feeling like I’m going to snap, then snapping. Raging around, yelling, swearing, fighting, and crying.

And feeling like an absolute failure. Like the worst mom ever. 

Then apologizing to the sweet kids who have taken the brunt of everything. To the three year old that I actually got in a screaming match with, both of us yelling and crying and me knowing just how she feels but doing nothing to help her. 

I hug them and I tell them I’m sorry and they forgive instantly, like children do. Their grace is astounding, really. And I need it, and I’m so thankful for it.


Thank goodness for the gift that is my children, and thank goodness that tomorrow is a new day. 

Ivy draws.

Ivy drew a picture.

And then she said, 

“Awww, that’s baby you, Mom! That’s when you were a baby!”

(I was so cute, right?)

Then her picture took a dark turn…

“And a bad guy is gonna come cut your cute arm off. You will cry.”

Um, should I be concerned here or is this just a side effect of too many brothers? Hopefully the latter.

First indoor soccer season, finished.

Seth has played spring soccer for a few years now, but this was his first year playing indoor soccer. He started in the fall, and played every Saturday until now. I was sort of dreading being committed to something every single Saturday, but it turned out that I really loved it. What’s not to love about sitting in a temperature controlled arena watching your kid and his team kick butt every Saturday? I’m not joking- they creamed their opponents at most games. They won almost every game, losing maybe two or three out the whole season. Seth scored a lot of goals, learned a lot, improved his skills hugely, and most importantly, had a lot of fun.

For the last game of the season, the kids played the parents. Seth had the best time out there with Neil.


(Neil had fun too.)

Ivy threw an EPIC tantrum for the first 20 minutes of the game. There is just no reasoning with that child and I was forced to revert to crazy mom status, putting her outside the back door of the arena and leaving her there alone while threatening to burn her blanket. Yeah, I went there. I took it a bit too far with the threats of burning, but I’m quite confident she would have screamed until infinity if I hadn’t left her at the back door solo for all of 12 seconds. That was enough for her to smarten up.


Oliver barely tolerates Seth’s soccer games, but he cracked a smile for me at least.


The game was a wash, with the kids beating the parents 18-9. Seth plays some mean defense. His coach told him that he never worried about their team getting scored on when Seth was on the field. (Insert proud mom face here.)


So now we say farewell to indoor soccer until next fall. Lucky for me I won’t even have a chance to miss it, since we just signed Oliver and Seth up for spring soccer, which will have us at games four nights a week and a practice on Saturdays. God help me.


It’s not as scary as it used to be.

Neil flew to Vancouver Thursday morning for work. He’s tacking a trip to Kelowna on afterwards, so he won’t be home until Monday afternoon. So that means I’m single parenting it for almost five days. Usually in this kind of situation I would go stay with my mom and dad for a couple days, but they’re in Mexico right now, so that’s out. I’m on my own.

And the thing is, it’s not as scary as it used to be. The kids are getting bigger, and even though I’m grossly outnumbered, it’s not that hard anymore. Yesterday I took four kids to swimming lessons, and wouldn’t you know, the bigs got ready for their lesson all on their own, and even Oliver walked to his class all by himself so I didn’t even have to go on the pool deck once. Ivy behaved herself for the entire 45 minutes, and then Seth and Ben got themselves all dressed back up while I helped Oliver, and we all met in the lobby a mere ten minutes after the last class ended. It couldn’t have gone better. Well, it could have, I guess, if Oliver had actually listened to his teacher. I’ll be very surprised if he passes this term, since he resolutely refuses to blow bubbles in the pool.

Yesterday was smooth sailing too, although it helped immensely that a friend came for coffee in the morning. It’s always nice to have grown up conversation. In the evening I got the kids’ favorite babysitter to come so that I could go wander around Superstore all by myself.

This morning I slept in until 8:15, when I leisurely wandered out of my bedroom to make coffee and found the kids all fed and watching cartoons. Freaking angels I tell you.

Then we went to Seth’s soccer game. I’m really enjoying the fact that I can take four kids out on my own and it’s not a total gong show. It’s a good, good feeling.

(Seth, after another victory, and his final game, barely obliging my request for a photo.)

The afternoon was pretty chill. Ben went to a friend’s and had a great time but I ruined his life when I told him we were having spaghetti for supper. End. Of. The. World. Still, he was hungry enough that he ate it. What kind of kid doesn’t like spaghetti??

I got all the kids (and myself!) bathed, which is a small miracle. Hygiene isn’t a huge priority around here lately. 

Everyone went to bed and fell asleep with nary a “Mom!” or “I need a drink!” to be heard. Winning.

It’s not so scary as it used to be, being the sole parent. I don’t even mind it too much.

Because they’re good kids and I like them.

Especially when they’re sleeping. 

Benji shoots his teeth out, turns seven, and holds a sugar glider.

Ben’s front teeth were so wiggly over the last couple weeks. At one point he came home and his tooth was so wonky, he looked hilarious. He took matters into his own hands, fetching his Nerf crossbow and some heavy duty thread, recruiting his mom for tooth-tying, and promptly shooting his front tooth out of his mouth. He’s so brave with his tooth losing, I can’t believe it. He repeated the whole thing six days later with his second front tooth, leaving him toofless for his seventh birthday two days later. I’m in love with his face.



For his birthday we had Prairie Exotics come and show the kids a bunch of snakes, geckos, tarantulas, frogs, and even a sugar glider. Ben was very very excited for his birthday. His original “invite” list included eighteen children and his bus driver (?). I got him to narrow it down to a generous ten, but after handing his invitations out, he realized he’d forgotten three of his “best friends” so three more were added. Thankfully three kids couldn’t make it, because ten seven year olds is a lot, y’all. A loud, rowdy, extra cute lot. Those kids had some serious fun, and they loved the reptile show so much. It was awesome and so fun to see Ben with all his buddies. He has friends from mutliple classes and it really makes me proud how good he is at making friends. He’s obviously very well liked, and it just makes me happy.


His gift wish list this year included Pokemon, Lego, a clock, and clothes. He got lots of everything, plus a pile of gift cards and cash, making for a happy boy. (That cake was green ombre, just so you know. I forgot to take a picture of my hard work. And I’m pretty sure the kids didn’t even notice, besides Ben.)


I can’t believe my chubby little baby is seven already. He’s such a great kid; I just love him. He’s such an entertainer, and can laugh AND cry on demand. I’m talking real tears, if he wants. This boy better take drama class in high school because he’s totally convincing. It’s awesome. He loves making people laugh, and he’s pretty good at it. He loves music and dancing, although you’re unlikely to see evidence of this if you’re not family. He loves clothes and takes great care with his appearance. He’s good at pushing people’s buttons, and irritating his siblings when he wants to. He hates doing chores, and has no problem letting you know it. He can whine with the best of them. But he has the best smile, the tightest hug, the sweetest kisses, the biggest heart, and still the chubbiest cheeks, so I’ll keep him.




I love you Benji, so so much. Happy 7th birthday.


ps. When Ben turned two, three, four, five, and six

The girl likes the naps.

Ivy is three now and she loves her naps. She will put herself for a nap without prompting on an almost daily basis. She snuggles down in her blankets, cuddles her “digi”, pops her fingers in her mouth, and drops off to sleep within minutes, every time. She will sleep for a good two hours or more if I let her. If I do wake her up she is always mad at me for it.



The problem is that she’s starting to have trouble falling asleep at night. All the childrens go to bed at 7:30, although the bigs read in bed for up to an hour if they want. Ivy hasn’t been falling asleep till nine or later a lot of nights. And I’m not cool with that. It’s not that she’s getting out of bed, or crying, or misbehaving at all, really; generally she’s just chatting, playing, singing, etc. The problem is that I feel bad that she’s not tired when I put her in bed, but I don’t actually want to hang out with her anymore either (did I say that out loud?). I want to sit on the couch with Neil and listen to children sleeping.

So I thought, hey, she’s three, and on the days that she hasn’t been able to nap because we were out or something, she’s done just fine. She stays pretty happy and generally doesn’t melt down because she’s exhausted or something. So let’s do it. Let’s be done with naps.

I tried it for a few days. She did fine, and fell into bed at seven without a peep. But she missed her naps. She was literally begging me for a nap some days. She’s just not ready, even if I am.

So my current plan is to try to wake her up after around an hour, no more than an hour and a half (as precious as that free time is for me). She hates it though! She freaked out so bad at me when I woke her up the other day (after two hours!). I go into her room and open her blinds and turn down her white noise sound machine and gently touch her shoulder and whisper for her to wake up and come play. Then she screams that she wanted a “BIIIIIIG NAP!” and she yells over and over “TURN MY SOUND ‘CHINE ON!” and “MAKE IT DARK!!!” For infinity.


Sometimes, SOMETIMES, Sophia the First will get her out of bed. I’ve found that jelly beans work too.

It’s just a season, though, I know. It’s where we’re at and we’re not leaving it right now. Naps will happen and later bedtimes will happen and it’s all fine.


Because napping children are the sweetest, right?