I did it. I joined the blog world.

I kept thinking I needed someplace to keep track of the crazy things our kids say and the new things they do, kind of like a journal but not on paper since I can’t seem to manage to do that. Maybe I’ll put pictures of the sewing projects I’m working on or something, too. Maybe I’ll suck at this and the blog will not survive. I guess we’ll see what happens. For now I’m pretty thrilled with myself for successfully creating and posting a custom header (although it has taken me the last 2 hours- only because http://www.scrapblog.com was giving me grief though!).

One of the reasons I was motivated to finally do this was because Seth was pretty darn funny today. This morning I was just peacefully cleaning the kitchen while the kids played and Seth hollered out at me “Mom, did you lose your  mind?”. I had to laugh at that. Apparently I’ve let the kids know I’ve lost my mind on one too many occasions. A few minutes later he told me I should go look for my mind. A great suggestion but I have no idea where I would start looking, it’s been lost for so long.

Later on in the day Seth  crawled up onto my lap and pinched my nose and shook my head a little, saying “You’re SO cute!”. I’m pretty sure I’m nowhere near as cute as he is, but I appreciated the sentiment.

After his quiet time today he came and sat on the couch with me while I was reading a book. He was talking and talking, making it really hard to read that book (darn kids.). He said to me, “You see my imagination right there, Mom? It makes this car turn into whatever I want it to!”.

I think 3 1/2 yr olds are pretty amusing. Sometimes I just sit listening to Seth talk and talk and talk, making up stories about dinosaurs or sharks or whatever, and I think, “Didn’t you JUST learn to talk? How did you get so smart so fast? Where did you even learn those words?”. It’s amazing! Benji is learning new words every day and I’m sure one day soon I’ll be listening to him rattling off a story about his imagination and what it can do. For now I’ll just listen to him shouting at Neil, “You’re nuts!!”, which is pretty hilarious coming out of an almost-tw0-year olds’ mouth.

I love those kids, even if they do cause me to lose my mind on an all-too-regular basis.


5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Jackie says:

    Yay Nikki!
    Welcome to the blog world! It’s looks great! I’ve bookmarked you so I’ll be checking in on you You’re kids are too cute!

  2. claudette hennan says:

    found a place to reply, love your blog, you have an exciting life, nice to be able to keep track of it, your kids are sooooo funny and unfortunatley you will forget the funny things they do, a blog should help.

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