Strawberry’s Quilt

A few months ago Seth named our unborn baby Strawberry. I thought maybe it was a child’s intuition that the baby was going to be a girl. Apparently not. Anyway, Seth now knows that the baby is going to be a boy and he wants to keep the name Strawberry for now. Well, or change it to “Dangifshangif” (Seth is a master at making up words). Given the choice, I decided we could just keep Strawberry and hopefully our son won’t be offended later on in life.
Anyway I got a quilting book for Christmas and have been excited to find out what this baby is so I could pick a quilt to make and hit up the fabric store. Done and done.
Here’s a peek at the fabric choices (not included is the white or off white which will be used in between colors and has yet to be purchased). These are the colors we will use in Strawberry’s room (if we can successfully boot Seth out of there and get the room repainted before the baby is born). I’m pretty excited!

2 thoughts on “Strawberry’s Quilt

  1. Dara says:

    Love the patterns and colors for the quilt! Kudos to you for finding time to do that. I have attempted to sew a couple things and it always goes awry quickly, but your stuff always looks super great!

  2. claudette hennan says:

    great job nikki, I am very proud of you, you are a great mom and I love that you’re sewing – you do such a great job! love your blog and love reading about your days.

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