Yes indeed, it IS a boy.

We had our ultrasound last Tuesday and the ultrasound technician was “pretty sure” it was a boy. She showed us what she saw and we were pretty sure it looked all too familiar- yes, another boy! Of course I was a little disappointed. Neil tells me this is our last child and so I will probably never have a daughter. BUT I am very very happy to be having a boy- I just love my boys so much and think they are a tonne of fun and so far pretty easy too!

Anyway last night we went to private place to have another ultrasound done so we could get some better pictures. This kid keeps wanting to hide in my placenta so at the hospital they didn’t really get any good pictures.

So here he is…

Yes, those are his TOES over his HEAD. Wow, the flexibility of a fetus is amazing! He was basically folded in half in there! Here’s another shot of his profile..

And a cute little foot…

And it may be hard for the untrained eye to see, but here is proof that it IS a boy…

Sheesh I just love this kid so much already. Can’t wait to meet him! Will he have brown hair and brown eyes like Seth? Or fair hair and blue eyes like Benji? Or red hair?! Who the heck knows, I just know he’ll be cute as anything and we’ll all love him to death. And, he’ll be here before we know it!


4 thoughts on “Yes indeed, it IS a boy.

  1. claudette hennan says:

    I really love this baby already too! Can’t wait to meet him, I predict he’ll be a dark haired blue eyed boy. Great pictures nikki.

  2. Helen says:

    OK so this just showed up on my blog reader and I’m like, “How did I miss your pregnancy announcement?” I come to the blog and see this post is 3 years old!

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