Snowmen and Sleeping

Last weekend was the perfect weather for making a snowman. The snow was exactly the right snowmannyness. Neil and Seth whipped up a great snowman in no time flat (with a little help from the girls next door), and a fantastic snow fort too. Too bad the weather changed dramatically on Monday, dropping from +1C to -25C in a matter of 24 hours. We knew it was coming, it is January after all.

On an entirely different note, yesterday a sudden and  feverish bout of nesting overcame me. By 8:30 in the morning I had hauled the bookshelf out of Ben’s room, rearranged furniture, and dragged Seth’s bed in there. Seth was pretty excited to help out by moving the rest of his stuff in, especially his fish, Roast. The kids took about an hour to settle down for their quiet time/nap time but then Ben did nap for three hours. Bedtime went down without a hitch besides occasional reprimands from Seth to Ben, “Ben, BE QUIET! I’m trying to go to sleep!” (Ben is quite the chatterbox in his crib). Seth woke up yelling about something or other a couple times last night but Ben didn’t seem to notice at all. Both kids called for us at around 7:15, which is pretty darn great in this household! As I type this the kids are down for quiet time again and I can hear them chatting and laughing away. Who cares, as long as they’re in their room and I’m not!

One thought on “Snowmen and Sleeping

  1. Dara says:

    I agree Nikki. We always tell Keegan he can call for us if he has to go to the bathroom, but otherwise it’s quiet time and he has to stay in his room. He’s getting pretty good at it and now likes to just go up there sometimes to have quiet time on his own. Such a nice break hey! I hope the boys continue to be good in the same room for ya!

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