That didn’t take too long! Probably because once I start a project I get kind of possessed by the evil spirit of crafting and can’t hardly put it down until it’s done. Anyway, it IS done and now I can move on to some other stuff. Here are some pictures:

I’m pretty happy with it, even if it’s far from perfect. As long as it doesn’t fall apart (and I don’t think it will.)

I hope the baby likes all the little critters. Maybe he will pick out his favorite and it will get all worn out in that spot one day.

I hope one day this little guy likes to snuggle with his mommy under his cozy quilt.

3 thoughts on “Quilt=Done.

  1. claudette hennan says:

    nikki, this is absolutely incredible, I am very proud of you and your ability to do this (clearly you got this from me- but I didn’t teach you a stitch!).
    Your baby will love to snuggle under something you made.

  2. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    You’re done? Wow…how many hours of sleep are you getting a night, with 3 1/2 boys and projects on the go!
    PS: Tell Neil & Seth…great snowman!

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