I love this.

I was just cruising through my favorite blogs and came upon this. What an awesome idea! Seriously cute. I know my journaling dad will just love this idea too. I am putting it here in my blog so that maybe I will actually try to do this with the kids. I think Seth could come up with some pretty funny stuff. And Ben too. Lately he’s into creepy t-rexes. Well, “Keepie t-wex” anyway. Actually everything is “keepie” to Ben lately. It’s pretty hilarious. “Mommy, dok downturs. Keepie.” (Mommy- dark downstairs. Creepy.). I’m not sure where this “creepy” term came from- I don’t recall saying it on a regular basis- but I’m a fan, and it makes me laugh everytime. Right now I’m cracking up because he’s building a megablocks tower and it keeps falling down and he just growled “Oh man.”. Almost-two-year-olds are the funniest.
Anyway I better go make some supper for these boys. They’ll be starving soon, it’s been almost 15 minutes since their last meal.

One thought on “I love this.

  1. claudette hennan says:

    I love this too, and I know your journalling dad will! Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow and hear ben say Kweeepie….

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