Strawberry Grows

Well I am now 24 1/2 weeks, I guess almost 25 now. Roughly that translates to about 5 1/2 months. Which means only about 3 1/2 months (hopefully a little less) to go. That’s crazy! Strawberry will be here before I know it.
He seems like he’s gotten a lot bigger in the last month and he’s a real wiggler now. He stretches out and kicks a lot. It’s not too bothersome yet but those feet are getting closer and closer to my ribs so I’m sure I’ll be feeling it more soon. Other than that I feel great right now- I love this stage of pregnancy. Soon I’ll be enormous and uncomfortable and probably suffer from constant heartburn and terrible restless legs syndrome every night. Ah the joys.


One thought on “Strawberry Grows

  1. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    You look great Nikki:)
    Suzanne (I think?) told D’Arcy that celery is a natural remedy for heartburn. He tried it one Thanksgiving and it worked!

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