Renovation Re-boot.

We’ve “been renovating” since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. Except that we’ve pretty much taken a year long break lately. Anyway we bought some new flooring and it’s getting installed on Friday so now we are feeling motivated again. And the great thing is that now we have helpers!

The boys can’t resist an opportunity to paint…

Seth was paying as much attention as a 3 year old can and accidentally swiped the paint brush through Ben’s hair. Ben didn’t mind:

That’s our front entranceway that they were priming. We actually bought the paint for that in November 2008. 2008. Not 2009. So I guess we took a little longer than a year off from renovating. Anyway it is now beautifully painted after a whole of about 6 hours of work (you can see why we would put that kind of hard labor off for that long). I cannot wait to get new flooring in there, and in our kitchen! Don’t worry- I will definitely be posting pictures!


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