At the pool.

Neil went to Phoenix for the week so the boys and I came out to Portage to crash at Grammy and Grampy’s. We decided to hit up the pool. Besides a VERY close call with a certain 3 year old’s tummy troubles and a near skull fracture in the shower for an almost 2 year old (why do they make those showers with slippery tile floors?!), it was all good times.

We hung out in the “hot” tub for a bit. Apparently Portagers prefer their hot tubs more like a luke-warm bath?

After the hot tub we only had 15 minutes until closing time. Seth and Ciara decided to make the best of it by going down the waterslide as many times as possible. Attempts at pictures were made but clearly we need to invest in one of those big ol’ fancy cameras that takes 6 pictures in a second:

The kids were pretty good about giving me enough time to catch and transfer one out of the pool before the next one came, but I occasionally had to catch both of them. At one point I had two kids in my arms and another one coming down the slide. A nice man jumped in to give me a hand at least.

Anyway it was pretty fun and I think we tired everyone out enough that they’ll have good sleeps tonight. I hope.

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