Two Years Ago.

Benjamin was born.

We loved all 8 pounds 1 ounce of him immediately and couldn’t imagine life without him.

We couldn’t get enough of his chubby little cheeks and his sweet personality.

The last couple years have just flown by and have we ever had fun getting to know this little guy. Didn’t he just turn one like, yesterday?! It seems like that anyway.

How did he get to be two already? How did he turn out to be such a little turkey? When he was a baby I thought he would be a shy, needy little guy. He is growing into a confident, friendly, sweet, and very funny guy. He makes us laugh many times every single day. Yesterday Seth was talking about what animals eat. He said, “Frogs eat bugs”. Ben immediately piped in with an enthusiastic, “Ew.”

He is two now.


weighs 28 pounds and is 88cm tall.

loves “mackyohnie” (macaroni) . He askes for it pretty much every day at lunch.

loves  “mannas” (bananas).

loves Seth. Formerly known as “Es”, currently known as “Yes”, occasionally known as “Says”.

loves being chased. “GIT ME!!!”

loves being thrown up in the air. “Up ‘ky!” (up sky!)

uses his imagination a lot. “Bear (or alligater or shark or t-rex or bad guy) right dere. Yikes! Keepie!”

likes shooting things with his sword while making shooting noises.

loves all animals. “Should we go see some puppies at the pet store tomorrow Ben?” “Cats. Boodies. Bunnies. Porkiepine?”

loves his crib. Asks to be put in his “kib” several times a day. Spends up to 30 minutes in there stacking up all the miscellaneous stuffed toys/blankets/books etc on one side of the crib and then restacking them on the other side.

reads in his crib. Remembers parts of stories and reads them to himself. “Riiiippppppp! BIG potato! Dirty potato! Wash it! Cook it! Eat it!” (From one of his favorite books, “The Enormous Potato”. )

likes Sesame Street characters. Rarely watches Sesame Street since Seth considers it to be a baby show because Ben likes it and therefore forbids watching of it. Ben reads lots of Sesame Street books and names all the characters. Sometimes can be heard reading it at bedtime, “Ni-night Big Bird. Ni-night Gover. Ni-night Ohker. Ni-night Zoe. Ni-night Ehnie. ” and so on and so on.

loves coloring. On paper, on magnadoodles, on himself.

loves dinosaurs. Just learned to say, “Dinoyour”. Names many dinosaurs, such as “ankysaurus” “t-wex” and “dactyl”.

loves his Gigi. This little blue blankie with a lion head sticking out of it must never ever be lost.

is potty trained!

loves movies. Asks for them many times a day. Often watches a DVD in the van and then gets mad when I pull into the garage, “NOOO home!! T-wex movie!!”.  Would rather sit in his carseat in the garage than come inside.

likes to be carried up and down the stairs and outside sometimes. Says “Cuddle please!”  when he want to be carried.

and the list goes on and on. He’s a character and we sure love him. It’s hard to believe that in a few months he won’t be my baby anymore. I can’t imagine that. He’s always been such a cuddler, still loves to be rocked in the rocking chair, and still has those chubby cheeks. He will make a great big brother though.

Happy birthday Benjamin! We love you!!


6 thoughts on “Two Years Ago.

  1. Pat Hennan says:

    Happy Birthday Benjamin, we too, loved you immediately and couldn’t imagine life without you! You are a wonderful addition to our family and are such a sweet little guy. We are happy to be your grandparents!

  2. Alissa Irwin says:

    Happy Birthday Benji!! I love you too and love being your auntie! You are such a cute little savage, and you get funnier all the time. Love you.

  3. Susan Beauchamp says:

    Wow Nikki. What a fabulous entry. You sure know your boy inside and out. Thank you for sharing him with us. He is wonderful. A real joy. You and Neil are such a blessing to watch as parents. Keep up the good work. Happy Birthing Day.

  4. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!

    Wish we could see you more often…we can’t wait for you to come to BC one day. Maybe wait till you are good at stairs, cause we got lots of them…just ask your Great Grandma Jean!
    Love you loads,
    Great Auntie Lori & Great Uncle D’Arcy

    …gotta like those titles! Well actually not really, guess that just means that we’re gettin’ old…

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