Birthday Bash.

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Ben. Lots of family, lots of good times.

Benji got lots of great presents. Thankfully he had a lot of helpers for the unwrapping.We hired Neil’s friend and co-worker to make Ben’s Elmo cupcakes.

They were a big hit:

It was a great day. We even managed to get a family picture:

On Ben’s actual birthday he woke up to find a big Costco bag of his birthday toys waiting for him in the livingroom. “Ohmygossss!”. That kept him busy for awhile. They we went to Petland to play, had a GREAT nap, and then went out to dinner at Montana’s. Ben enjoyed snacking on lemons while waiting for our food to come.

He was a bit concerned when his birthday dessert arrived…

but did oblige us and wear the birthday hat while a bunch of strangers sang a song to him.

We had a great day. Happy birthday Ben! We love you!


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