Is it Friday yet?

Oh crap. It’s only Monday.
The kids have been sick for a couple days and I decided to join them last night. Good times.
Seth’s had recurring hives since Friday afternoon and then got a cough and a runny nose and a bit of an off-again on-again fever.

Ben’s nose is dripping basically continuously. He’s started coughing too. Occasionally his eyes start oozing green gunk. Nice.

I just have a cold. I will not include a picture of my red, raw nose. Even the Puffs aren’t helping.
Altogether we’ve used about a box and a half of kleenex since 6:30 this morning as well as a pile of various homemade “booger cloths”.
We’re pretty miserable and we’ve resorted to letting the tv babysit us.
Thankfully bedtime is only a few hours away…


One thought on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Pat Hennan says:

    thank goodness for tv at a time like this, sleep when you can, hot chicken soup? I love you, hang in there, I was hoping for a post.

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