Puddle Jumpin’.

Everyone was feeling well enough to manage a walk in the street to jump in the puddles today. I squeezed the kids’ feet into too-small rubber boots and out we went. It is so wonderful to see the snow melting away and to eat supper when it’s still light out! I LOVE spring. I know this IS Manitoba and we will most likely get -30 C again before spring is really here but for now I’ll take what I can get. -4 is good enough for us!

The boys splashed up and down our block at least 5 times, enough to soak their pants and mitts and get nice and cold before we came back inside. Benji followed Seth wherever he went, which is I guess how it goes with big and little brothers.

Seth had a great time jumping into the puddles.

He tried to teach Ben too but Ben’s got a long way to go before he’s mastered jumping as well as Seth.

It was the best 20 minutes we’ve had in days. And thankfully at least MY rubber boots still fit!


One thought on “Puddle Jumpin’.

  1. Pat Hennan says:

    looks like a fun day! Glad you are all feeling better. Donna (Guenther) and I went for a walk with ciara too.

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