The Great Weekend Away.

We’re back from four fantastic days and nights without our kids. We were only in Minneapolis, nothing too exotic or exciting. But it was quiet and relaxing and we bought lots of stuff, which was fun. I had just hit the 29 week mark of pregnancy, which made the trip down and back pretty much terrible. We left after work on Friday and it’s a seven hour drive. About 4 hours into it the restless legs hit and I turned into a crazy twitching person. You would think restless legs syndrome really can’t be that bad but I swear to you it is one of the most terrible things ever. Anyway it was a good dry-run for my flight to Hawaii in a month. I will seriously be requesting a fetus-safe sedative for the flight from my doctor otherwise the flight attendants will probably have me committed by the end of the flight. Anyway here’s a shot of my 29-week belly. The baby is big and very very busy, rolling and kicking A LOT.

I don’t look that big in this picture but I ate a lot this past weekend and I think I am probably substantially bigger even now.
Anyway, about the weekend. It was awesome. Neil was so nice- even acting enthusiastic at fabric stores! I got some very cool fabrics and a new sewing desk at IKEA (I’ll put some pictures up in a couple days maybe) and wierdly found lots of clothes for myself, none from maternity stores. I got some tank tops and dresses for my upcoming tropical holiday, so I’m pretty excited!
It was so nice to be able to go out to eat and not have to cook or clean for four days. We went to Bubba Gump’s where I ordered a lemonade. The guy asked me if I wanted to try a frozen lemonade. Sure, why not?
Oh, maybe because it costs EIGHT DOLLARS instead of two? But really it’s a great deal, because the cup lights up and you get to keep it. Forever. Now that’s awesome. Neil had a beer.

Ha ha, I love that picture. And he had crab legs. I really love that my husband who never used to order anything besides chicken fingers will now order seafood AND wear the bib that comes with it.

Anyway it was great. We had breakfast at Breugger’s Bagels a couple times and all I can say is, “Breugger’s, where have you been all my life?! Please come to Canada.” I can say the same thing about Caribou Coffee. Why doesn’t every coffee shop have coffees with crushed up chocolate bars on top? SOOO delicious. Well, I love food, and it was a weekend of good food. Oh, Famous Dave’s BBQ. Seriously, the goodness was too much. All of it. Every bite. And I ate a lot of bites. So unfortunate that my doctor appointment and weigh-in is on Friday. That’s going to be scary.
Okay, besides eating and shopping, we also went to two movies. TWO!! That’s more than we went to together in the whole last year I think! I let Neil pick the first one so we went to Shutter Island. I was terrified before we even went in and that lasted for the first 7 minutes of the movie. Then I was totally bored. So was Neil. Which made the next movie MY pick. Dear John! Ahh, it was clearly a very popular movie judging by the crowded theatre….

Yes, that’s me. The only person in the whole theatre besides Neil. So we decided to take advantage of the aloneness and make out.

Ha ha, Neil looks like he’s trying to suck the life out of me. We’ve never been the couple that looks hot in kissing pictures, always just slightly weird. Oh well. Anyway we didn’t make out for long because a lone 60 year old man did join us for the movie. Awkward. The movie was way better than Shutter Island anyway. Even Neil said so.
It was a GREAT weekend. We’ll have to do it again sometime. I guess maybe in a year or so…


4 thoughts on “The Great Weekend Away.

  1. Pat Hennan says:

    we had a pretty great time with the kids…but looks like yours was much more fun. Although 5:45 a.m. calls of Gamma and Poppa are pretty fun.
    Glad you had a great weekend….

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