What Up Dawg?

Hello, Neil here. This is my first entry on the blog so i hope it all works out.
This morning, the boys and I were playing with their wooden train set in the basement. So I asked Seth to pass me one of the train pieces on the other side of the table, he did, and I said “Thanks Dawg” (for all you older folk, Dawg is slang for buddy, pal, homeboy, etc.) Anyway, as soon as I said it Seth was kinda upset and started crying, ” I’m not a dog dad!” He was fine after I calmed him down and explained to him that I didn’t mean he was a dog, but one of my best buddies, and that’s all I meant by it. Keep in mind that Ben had taken this all in.
A few minutes later, Seth had done something that rubbed Ben the wrong way, and Ben screams at him “YOU A PUPPY!”
Man I love these kids.


3 thoughts on “What Up Dawg?

  1. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    Good “First” post Neil!


    For you older folk, ha ha, not me yet…LOL means I laughed out loud!

    Thanks for making my day Neil, I chuckle everytime I picture Ben saying that:)

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