Eye Spy.

Today in the van Seth suggested that we play eye spy. I don’t know who taught him this game- a grandma or aunty I’m guessing. Seth says he’ll go first.
“Eye spy with my own really small eye something that is green grass.”
Us: “Grass?” (Although honestly the grass is anything but green right now.)
Seth: “YEAH!!!”
Us: Laughing very hard.
The game continued on for some time in this same manner, Seth even came up with the tricky one “trees with no leaves”.
He’s a smart guy.
Later in the day the kids and I went out shopping and on our way through the parking lot I pointed out what had once been a huge pile of snow but now was just a huge pile of dirt.
Me: “Look at the huge pile of dirt, Seth!”
Seth: “Cool! Good eyes, Mom!!”.
Love it.


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