Cuddle Defined.

Benjamin is two. He likes cuddles. Here are a couple examples of cuddles as defined by Ben:
“Cuddle me!”- Lay down beside me in my bed and cuddle me. This is the traditional definition of cuddling that most of us are familiar with.
“Cuddle me!”- Carry me. As in, Ben is standing at the bottom of the stairs reaching up for me, “Cuddle me, Mom!”, meaning “carry me up the stairs, even though I have been perfectly capable of walking up them on my own for the last year.”
“Cuddle this.”- Carry this. This happens when Ben is trying to carry more than he can handle. When this situation occurs I am often ordered things like “Cuddle bunny cackers Mom!!!”, meaning “carry these bunny crackers for me Mom.”
I will cuddle you anytime Ben! (And even cuddle your bunny cackers.)

One thought on “Cuddle Defined.

  1. Pat Hennan says:

    I love this, so glad you are getting these things down, you will forget it one day (althought that seems impossible now!)

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