32 weeks and counting.

Holy smokes. This pregnancy is flying by. Before we know it we’ll be a family of five! I’m really excited! It’s been easier to get excited lately since we finished painting the baby’s room, got the curtains sewn, made new cushions for the rocking chair, got a dresser in there and even a crib (not assembled, but still). It’s all coming together! In two weeks I leave for Kona to visit my dear little sis and I really want to have everything all ready before then. By the time I come back my due date will only be a month away and hopefully the baby will come a little sooner than that, so I don’t want to leave anything until after that trip.
Here’s a shot of me at 32 weeks:

Besides the constant back pain I’m feeling really good. And really happy after my last doctor’s appointment. The weight gain finally slowed down and I’m measuring a week smaller than I am- that was the best news I’d heard in a long time! I’m not sure why some crazy lady at church today asked me when I was due and then proceeded to comment on my hugeness and even went so far as to say, “You got twins in there?!!”. EXCUSE ME?!! Seriously lady. Obviously she has never been pregnant. What kind of person says something like that? Sheesh. Anyway, who cares- I look and feel great so take that old lady from church.

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