twenty eight.

Yesterday was Neil’s 28th birthday.
That means he proposed to me nine years ago. Wow, that went fast!
We celebrated his birthday with dinner at his parents house on Saturday. We had tacos and chocolate cake and good times.

The kids and I had been talking about Neil’s birthday for a couple weeks now. I had asked Seth what we should get his dad for his birthday and Seth decided that a screwdriver would be a good idea. So we went to Home Depot last week and picked out a screwdriver. We went to Wal-Mart and got some Batman wrapping paper. We wrapped up the screwdriver and carefully hid it in the kids’ closet. Seth was very careful about keeping the gift a secret. When he packed it in his suitcase to bring to Gramma and Papa’s, he made Neil wait in our bedroom with the door shut so that there was no chance Neil would see it. He kept it a secret the whole birthday party day. We ate dinner and had cake and then I told Seth it was time to go get Dad’s birthday gift out of his suitcase. Seth ran and got it. I was talking about how Seth had done such a great job keeping the secret. He handed the gift to his dad and Neil said “Oh! What could it be?!”. Seth quickly answered, “A SCREWDRIVER!!!”.

Next time I guess I will have to emphasize keeping the secret until AFTER the gift is opened. The same thing happened the morning of Neil’s birthday when we presented him with his big gift- the saw. Oh well! It was funny anyway!
Happy Birthday Neil! You’re the love of my life! You are an amazing husband and I could not ask for a better dad for our kids. Thank you so much- we love you!


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