bike rides and DQ.

We had our first family bike ride of the season on Tuesday.

Ben loved riding on the bike seat. He said to me “This is a big motorcycle Mom. This motorcycle’s fun!” (He always calls bikes motorcycles lately).

Seth and Neil rode their own bikes. This is about the only picture of Seth behind Neil- he totally freaked out whenever Neil passed him on the bike.

We decided to bike to Dairy Queen because blizzards were buy one get one for a quarter. Seth and I did a self-portrait while waiting for our ice cream.

Seth grabbed the camera and snapped this picture:

Ben and Neil shared a Smarties blizzard.

And Seth and I shared a Reese’s one. Mmm peanut butter and chocolate. Except Seth is getting too good at spotting and quickly eating all the big chunks of candy before I can get to them.

I had to laugh at the fact that Dairy Queen was packed out with people in t-shirts and no jackets craving ice cream because it was probably only about 10 C at that time of the day. Seth was so cold by the end of our ice cream, shivering away. I love Manitoba and our desperation for all things summer!


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