Adventures in Hawaii, Part 2.

We slept like the dead and were up bright and early so we wouldn’t miss breakfast, which is served from 6:45-7:15 am. After breakfast we went to the Monday morning worship service, which was an awesome way to start the week. It was a great first taste of YWAM.

After that Grammy and I went back to bed for a little bit and Rach headed to class. When she was done we had lunch and then walked down into Kona to check it out. What was one of the first things we saw? A sea turtle!
Just swimming around right beside the seawall. So we grabbed our $6.99 snorkel gear and headed in for a swim. How awesome to be snorkeling with a sea turtle! AMAZING! It was Grammy’s first time snorkeling and she rocked it. After our snorkeling we explored the shops, got the low-down on the sights to see in Kona from a friendly tour guide, and then hit up Rachel’s favorite sushi joint. Great sushi + cheap = awesome. Another first for Grammy- she was a little reluctant but did give it a try. There’s not too much in life that’s better than eating sushi overlooking the Pacific.

After our sushi supper I think we went back to bed pretty quickly while Rachel went to do some homework. Here’s the view from our room on the U of N campus:
Not too shabby.


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