Adventures in Hawaii, Part 3.

I made an error in Adventures, Part 2. I forgot that our morning was NOT spent napping but WAS spent at the urgent care clinic in Kona. I had been fighting a cold and more since the previous Thursday and it was not getting any better and was really starting to feel like bronchitis, which I just had a few months ago. Apparently this baby likes bronchitis because since I’ve been pregnant this time every time I get a cold it turns into bronchitis right away. Anyway an hour or so and $277 later I had seen a doctor and an allergist (why? I don’t know, I guess it’s an American thing?) and I had a prescription in hand for some antibiotics and steriods. It didn’t take long at all until I was feeling much better.
So Tuesday morning we had our breakfast and then we DID have a little nap. Rachel came to get us at around 10 or so and Grammy and I headed to class with her for a little bit of SBS (School of Biblical Studies). I thought it was pretty interesting. They were doing 1+2 Kings and the teacher had a lot of neat pictures of historical “stuff” from that time. Even though I enjoyed it, I am glad I am not a student. And I have to say that Rachel must be a Biblical genius now.
After school we worked on getting a rental car and then we were off to explore the island. We started off by heading to a beach. I can’t remember what it was called, but whatever, it was really nice. It was Grammy’s first real swim in the ocean and she got thrashed around a bit by the big waves but she kept swimming and swimming. Man, that lady has a lot of stamina for a Grandma! I didn’t last too long- the bronchitis was still wearing me out too fast. Here’s some pics from our first real Kona beach experience:

Rachel made me take this silly picture:
I took this picture so that the baby can’t say I never took him anywhere:

Those pictures of Grammy in the waves crack me up every time!
After we wore ourselves out on the beach we decided to drive up to Waimea, the cowboy town. It started raining on our way up the hill, which I guess is the norm up there and on the other side of the island. While we were in Waimea eating ice cream we decided to go check out a lookout which looked like it wasn’t too far away from the looks of our map. The road there, though, was very very wind-y and narrow with lots of single lane bridges and sharp turns. It reminded me of the road to Hana in Maui. It was a fun drive though, and it was cool to see the big ranches with cows, horses, and sheep.

As we approached the lookout Rachel realized she had been there before, but when she came it was nice and sunny apparently. Anyway we did make it there and we quickly jumped out of the car to take pictures of the beautiful lookout. It wasn’t as amazing a view as it could have been since it was raining pretty hard by the time we got there. It was still pretty amazing though!

By the time we made it back home it was pretty much time for Grammy and I to go to bed and for Rachel to head back to her classroom to work on some homework. It was a good day of adventures and we were looking forward to the next day!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Hawaii, Part 3.

  1. rachel says:

    ha ha! i am so NOT a biblicl genius..Amos is killing me at the moment! love reading the journal….was such a good time!

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