Adventures in Hawaii, Part 4

So now we had a car and, thanks to our travel guide friend-person, we had plans.
Rachel had class again in the morning and Grammy went but I stayed back and dozed a bit. Once Rach was done we had lunch and then we headed to Children’s Beach for some snorkeling. There were sea turtles right off the hop- right by the beach! They didn’t mind all of the people just walking around beside them. We pulled on our snorkeling gear and went out to check out the fish. There were tonnes of them! It helped that there was this big guy snorkeling with a bag of crunched up Doritos in his hand. Wow, the fish REALLY love Doritos! Grammy and Rach snorkeled a lot but my mask was cracked. What? I paid a whole $6.99 for that thing- you would expect better quality really. Anyway I still saw lots of fish, and I borrowed Grammy’s mask for a bit too. I wandered around and checked out all the sea turtles and the nice scenery too.
After Children’s beach we headed up to the market. Grammy was a huge fan of the market, although she refused to spend one red cent that day. She just scoped it all out so she knew what to spend on her next 3 or 4 consecutive trips to the market. We did buy some flowers for some friends of Rachel’s though. Then we wandered through town a bit. We checked out the oldest church in Kona (maybe in all of Hawaii? I can’t remember).

And then Rach insisted that we have a taste of the Hawaiian classic- shave ice. It WAS pretty darn good. Why don’t we have shave ice here?

After our day in and around Kona we headed back to the campus for supper and then we went over to the aforementioned friends of Rachel’s for chocolate fondue. It was delicious and the company was wonderful. I’m happy for Rachel to have such great friends. When we had eaten all the fruit and chocolate in sight, we went home and back to bed. We slept so well, every night. I am a huge fan of being asleep by 9pm and staying asleep until almost 7am. Especially when you have no children sleeping across the hall from you!


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