Adventures in Hawaii, Part 6

If you’re getting sick of the Hawaii chronicles, bear with me. (Is that how you spell bear? It doesn’t seem right, but neither does bare?) Anyway, they’re almost done. I’m just trying to get everything documented before the next little Moran arrives and I forget everything about everything.
So day 6. This was our long road trippin’ day. We were heading for the opposite side of the island, to Hilo.
Our first stop was another lookout. I cannot remember the name of it, but it was pretty. You could drive down but you had to have 4×4 and we did not. Rachel had been there before and walked down and then back up. The road she had to walk back up has the steepest incline in all of Kona (or Hawaii even maybe? Again, I cannot remember).

After that we headed to Akaka Falls (ha! I remembered the name of something!). It had a little walk to the falls. It was nice, there was bamboo, and tropical stuff, and waterfalls of course!
It was a pretty nice waterfall! After that we took the scenic route to Hilo. There was a smoothie shop on the way so we had to stop. Rach loves smoothies. And she bought a guava too. It was kind of wierd but kind of good. I would definitely eat it again.

Also on the scenic route: the botanical gardens. They had umbrellas up for grabs on your walk but I took a quick glance at the sky and decided the rain would probably stay away for our walk. I was very wrong. I think it rained our whole walk. Rachel had grabbed one and at least I had a hood, but Grammy had nothing. She kind of turned out like a drowned rat by the end of the walk. (I mean that in the nicest way Grammy).
There were some pretty crazy plants in that garden.
And there was a ginormous mango tree. Like HUGE. Dangerously huge. The mangoes WERE falling and we even got a few to snack on. They were pretty delicious.
After the botanical gardens we got back on the road and headed on down to Hilo. Either Hilo is just not that exciting or we didn’t know what to do or where to go. Anyway we only stayed there long enough to pee and get our leftover sandwiches out of the trunk then we headed on home. It was around supper time when we got home.
We watched the beautiful sunset and then went to bed.

Stay tuned for parts 7 + 8!


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