Escape the NICU – check

Oliver is now out of the NICU. Nik is the blogger in the family, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. He’s doing really well, and heres some more happy-looking pictures of Oliver and the rest of us.

Seth is going to be a very good and protective big brother.

Ben was a little concerned about the “poop” in Oliver’s belly button, but he  got right in there after we assured him that is was not in fact poop. Oliver may have been a little concerned about how Ben was handling him though. 🙂

I think I see his momma in him.

Thanks for doing this with me Nik. I love you babe. Its gonna be fun.


7 thoughts on “Escape the NICU – check

  1. Susan says:

    The pictures are so wonderful. It brings back so many memories. I remember when Mike and Aaron came and met Kevin. Aaron wasn’t sure about him until he spotted his toes. He loved those little toes. The rest is history. Blessings on you all as you head into your new future.

  2. grammy says:

    trying to find your baby pics nikki – that picture of seth giving oliver the soother – when oliver is looking up at you – definately your eyes and look.

  3. Donna Guenther says:

    Hi everybody! You look like one great happy family!! Congratulations!!
    Enjoyed all the pics and so glad to hear everyone is doing well!

  4. Carla Schmidt says:

    Hi Neil and Nikki! What a beautiful son!! WooHoo! Congrats to all of you! Now we’re praying and cheering for Alissa. It won’t be long for her, though it probably feels like forever. Can’t wait to see Oliver in person. Blessings on you guys, love Carla and Larry Schmidt

  5. Gail& Charlie Abbott says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Neil and Nikki! We are so happy for you and your beautiful family – “my three sons”, wow! What a lovely Mother’s Day gift for you all.
    Oliver is a gorgeous baby. Bless you, as you raise your sons up for the Lord.
    Love Gail & Charlie

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