one week old and snake pits.

Wow. Oliver is a week old already!
We celebrated his “oldness” and the sunny warm weather by driving up to the Narcisse snake pits. The boys were really excited. It’s a long drive, about an hour and a half. Ben fell asleep about 4 minutes into the drive and Seth was asleep about 10 minutes after that. Seth slept until we got there and when we woke him up he said, “That wasn’t a long drive at all Mom!”.
We got there, fed and watered the kids, tucked Oliver into the cuddly wrap, and headed out in search of snakes. And there were plenty to be had.

Both the kids were really brave and really excited to hold the snakes. Neil is such an awesome dad at these kind of things. He is pretty afraid of snakes but caught one for the kids anyway. I caught one too, but that’s just because I’m awesome. And not afraid of snakes. I guess that’s why God gave me boys, not girls.

On our way back to the van we caught a caterpillar. Not as much of a challenge as a snake,  but just as much fun.

All in all, it was a great day at the snake pits. Oliver enjoyed it too.


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