early mornings.

Over the last couple days Ben has been waking earlier and earlier. Somehow we have moved from 7 am on Saturday (sad that that’s considered a sleep-in at our house!) to 5:45 the last two days! Not good. Especially since he always wakes up his big brother too. Poor Seth has been pretty tired the last few days!
Anyway after an early morning like that, Ben is considerably more moody. He had an especially good tantrum about I don’t know what this morning. I convinced him to come sit beside me on the couch while I was feeding Oliver. 10 minutes later…

It was only 9:45 am! But thank goodness he did fall asleep so early, because we had family pictures taken today at noon and that would have been a disaster if Ben hadn’t slept first. It was a slight disaster anyway- Oliver wasn’t super cooperative, neither was Ben, and then later in the shoot Oliver peed AND pooped all down my shirt onto the lovely photographer’s studio floor. Thank goodness she just happened to have an extra shirt laying around! I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures- I’m sure she managed to get some good ones in between the crying/snacking/running/peeing/pooping. Anyway it is the end of our day already and the one good thing about those early mornings is that I can justify putting the kids in their beds before 7pm!


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