rainy days.

We woke up to thunderstorms yesterday. It felt kind of nice, all cozy and rainy and dark. It felt like a day to stay in pajamas and read books and do crafts and bake. Pretty much none of that happened, but that’s what it felt like.
I cracked the window open a bit so the kids could hear the thunder better. Ben kept telling me how he heard the “booms” – I think he was remembering Dr. Seuss’s book about sounds “Boom Boom Boom Mr. Brown does thunder!”. They were pretty cute watching the storm.

After the storm watching we blew up some balloons. Seth wanted me to blow up the balloon and then let it go so it would go flying across the room. Ben thought it was pretty much the funniest thing he had ever seen.
After that we threw on a movie and then went down for an early nap, since we were all up far too early again. Sadly Seth never did fall asleep and something woke Ben up after a mere 25 minutes, so my hopes of a long cozy nap were quickly dashed. I wasn’t very impressed and was starting to turn into crazy mom so we put on our rubber boots to go splash in the puddles.
The kids had a great time but were soaked from their toes to their armpits by the time I dragged them inside for a warm bubble bath. After all that excitement, Oliver actually had a nap in his crib- for over an hour! The best part of that was that our wonderful neighbor had invited the boys over to play, so I actually had a few moments of quiet- it was amazing! When Neil got home he went next door and got the kids. After supper they helped Neil clean out the eavestroughs. Sort of.
Of course the kids were completely drenched in no time and soon enough crankiness set in.The kids came inside for their second bath of the day.  Soon jammies were on, snacks were eaten, and stories were read. We survived another day.


One thought on “rainy days.

  1. grammy says:

    nikki, you are an amazing mom, you think of such fun things to do with the kids. I’m proud of you. I love these pictures and the boys look like they are having so much fun. thank goodness for helpful great neighbors.

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