Benji never fails to crack me up. He has an ever-expanding vocabulary and the way he talks is just SO cute, I love it. We have been working on learning Seth’s birthday: “July 4th”. Ben had it memorized before Seth did. So I thought we could try to learn Ben’s birthday (although it’s much harder to say). Today I asked Ben what Seth’s birthday was and he promptly answered “July 4th!”. Then he asked me, “What my birday name is?”. I had to smile- I love the way he phrases his questions. Seth is very excited about his upcoming birthday and asks for pretty much everything he sees for a birthday gift. Ben caught on to this trend and now he asks for everything too- “Me have that one day for mine birday?” is a question I hear frequently throughout the day, for things ranging from cribs (Ben sleeps in a bed, not a crib) to crackers. Another one of Ben’s favorite words is “actually”. The other day Seth asked me if he could play with his scooter one day. Ben said “What’s Seth’s scooter?” so I pointed to it for him. Ben looked at it and said, “Actually, that’s mine”. Which is fair enough because Ben has played with it much more than Seth.
On our way downstairs today Ben spotted the train tracks all laid out the way Seth had set them up this morning. Ben said enthusiastically, “Tane tacks!! Booful tane tacks!” (beautiful train tracks!) and then proceeded to sing a song about booful tane tacks. Love it.
Benji is also an accomplished artist. Please see pictures below:

My favorite part is the bees. He was so deliberate about the different bees he was drawing.

I sure love that Benji. He’s one of my favorite kids.


2 thoughts on “Benjamin

  1. Dawn says:

    what a sweetie – love the bees! he is quite the little artist, though i seem to remember seth enjoyed drawing too. not surprising with an artistic mommy!
    i constantly hear about birthdays too. kimber always asks me to spell words out for her so she can write little notes to people. today i was asked to spell “birthday” and “cake” at one point. apparently she was inviting someone to alyssa’s birthday in september because hers isn’t until december!

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