She likes me!

Ben doesn’t pay Oliver too much attention. When he does, it’s often just in passing. He walks past Oliver and says, “Hey little guy!” and then looks at me and, without fail, says, “she likes me!”. I have no idea why he calls Oliver a “she” as it is a pronoun used very sparingly in our household. He knows Oliver is a boy and refers to him as such in every other sentence besides “she likes me”. Oh well, I think it’s kind of funny.

Today Seth was watching a movie and Ben had come upstairs where I was feeding Oliver. He said his usual “Hey little guy!” and then asked to hold him. This is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time that Ben has wanted to hold Oliver, so of course I let him. Ben was “all done” in about 7 seconds, but I managed to snap a few quick pictures of the middle guy and the little guy before Ben took off.

So sweet! And look how cute Oliver is…

He really likes being on his tummy. He’s pretty good at lifting his head up already. And here’s a sneak peek at one of the pictures we had done of him a couple weeks ago…

Oh man. He’s so cute I can almost tolerate the lack of any kind of sleep and having absolutely zero time to myself for the last month. (Besides this morning- thank you SOOO much for babysitting Grammy!).


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