Three 3 and under.

I found a new way to get rid of telemarketers.

Usually I just don’t answer the phone when I see phone numbers I don’t recognize, but some of those telemarketers are so darn persistent, and their number pops up day after day after day and ALWAYS at naptime. So today I answered the phone when they called. Usually I just tell them I’m not interested 4 times in a row and then hang up on them. Today I found a new, honest technique that was highly successful.
It was the Globe and Mail offering me a subscription for only $6/week. I’ve had these people call me before and we always say we have no time to read the paper and they always try to convince us we do have time. This time I said, “I have no time to read the paper. I have three kids three and under”. The lady said, “Whoah. Three, three and under. Okay, bye”, and hung up.
I’ll be using that line again. Even if Seth IS just weeks away from being four.


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