We went camping last weekend. Yes, Neil and I took a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 6 week old camping. In a tent. AND…
we had fun!
Even though I spent almost the entire weekend doing this:
or carrying Oliver around like this (seriously I think Oliver has spent more time in the cuddly wrap in 6 weeks than Ben and Seth did in their whole lives):

Oliver wasn’t the biggest fan of doing anything besides eating, really.
But we still had a lot of fun. Neil set up the campsite pretty much by himself since I was pretty tied down with Oliver.
We bought a dining tent so we wouldn’t be eaten alive by the mosquitoes.
The kids wouldn’t nap but they did sleep at night (one not as well as the other- SETH you stinker). After they fell asleep I tucked them into their sleeping bags…

Ben at least slept all night and believe it or not both kids slept in until 7:40!! That is almost unheard of for our kids! Anyway, good morning boys- you are very, very cute.

In the morning we packed up a picnic and walked/biked/wagon’d to the beach. It was a beautiful morning! We spent some time at the playground first. They have this thing you sit in that spins around. Neil tried it out and thought it was fun, until he thought he might throw up.

Seth didn’t last too long at all, but Benji LOVED it. Check out this face!Ben actually DID throw up! But he still wanted to go again.

I took a picture of Neil and the kids- it was father’s day after all.
I think this picture sums up our life on most days lately:

After the playground we hit the beach. The kids and Neil caught tadpoles, played in the sand, and ate ice cream. I mostly nursed Oliver and did nothing else. Except I ate ice cream too.What a great weekend! We’ll be doing it again soon- we have a campsite booked for the first weekend in August. Hopefully Oliver is a little better at sleeping on his own by then. If not, I’ll still think he’s cute, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


3 thoughts on “Camping.

  1. patty weir says:

    These will be fond memories for children. Keep doing it. We had four kids. Mostly grown now, my youngest is 17. We camped every year, no matter what their ages. They still look forward to camping and love to recall earlier years. It’s so special.
    you look like a wonderful loving family and I’m sure your sons will grow to be be amazing men because of the time, love and dedication you give them.

    • Nikki says:

      Oh thank you Patty! We keep at it and it’s just more and more fun! Our youngest is 4 now and our oldest is almost 10 and it’s still our favorite thing to do as a family. My eight year old son even wrote me an amazing mother’s day poem about our camping trips!

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