Seth is 4.

Seth’s birthday was on the 4th. We celebrated by going out for supper to the place where you get to where a giant hat and stand on a chair while people sing happy birthday to you. You might not be able to tell in this picture, but Seth was pretty stoked.
For his birthday party we headed to a very packed beach with all the family. Can you see the birthday bunting I made hanging from the trees? By some miracle I managed to whip that thing up during one of Oliver’s naps the day before the birthday.It was so nice to have so many family and friends come out. Seth had a fantastic day! I love this picture of him and Ciara… Seth got A LOT of iron man gifts this year. When I asked him what his favorite present was, he always responded “all of them!”. I think the gift of the day was the water gun though! Seth mastered that thing in no time and there were sure a lot of water gun fights happening that day!
I made Seth a triceratops cake per his specific instructions. I think it turned out pretty well (even though it got a bit smushed in transit). It was a wonderful weekend. Neil and I really enjoyed seeing Seth have so much fun- you could tell he loved being the center of attention for a couple days. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it so special for him!


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