Yesterday Grampy, the boys, and I went frog hunting. We’ve been in need of a frog since Seth’s best frog “hopped away” last summer. He had so much fun with that frog. Aw man. That picture just made me realize how much Seth has grown and changed in the last year.
Anyway our frog hunting was a success and I managed to catch a little one for Seth. He was so happy- it was hilarious. He said “Mom! Mom! This is my frog from last year!! See, he looks just like him! Mom! He grew his fourth leg!!” (That leg part really killed me. I guess he was thinking about our tadpole from last summer that we successfully raised to the point of having three and a half limbs when it sadly “croaked”). Anyway, Seth is convinced this frog is that same good ol’ frog from last year, and he’s pretty happy. It’s already been manhandled much more than any frog should ever be in a lifetime and he’s only been ours for less than 24 hours. But he’s still alive and kicking (maybe a bit less vigorously, but hey). Seth went for a sleepover with Grammy and Grampy tonight, so Ben got to play with the little guy too (a little reluctantly at first).
Oh yeah, and Seth named his frog “Peck”. Don’t ask me why. Seth comes up with weird names for things. Oh, and maybe you’re wondering why Seth is in full Spiderman gear. Wonder no more, Seth is almost ALWAYS in full spiderman gear these days.


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