Family Reunion

My mom’s family had a reunion last weekend. First one in 15 years. So we were kind of obligated to go. Or my mom would be sad. So we went. And it was actually kind of fun!
There were lots of games for everyone. It was pretty fun to race with my siblings, even though I was terribly ashamed of my performance. I came in dead last 3 out of 4 of the games. But I won one! The three-legged race- Alissa was a killer teammate. Anyway, it was loads of fun, regardless of whether I won or lost.
Remember that post where I made fun of Seth’s terrible sack-racing skills? I take it all back because now I know where he got it from. Me.I think I got like 3 hops in before I fell down. And I know where I got it from. My mom. Anyway, sorry Seth. Apparently you didn’t stand a chance in the sack-racing department.
We made Josh and Jaclyn play a game together. It was a little “risque” but Jaclyn was a great sport about it. I had a great time with my brother and sisters. I am so blessed to have such wonderful siblings! Us girls tried our best to do the classic “Josh” face. I think Rach and I did pretty well but Alissa couldn’t stop laughing enough to give it a try.
I really really love my family!

3 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. dad says:

    Hi Nikki…I feel bad that you came in last…! But, at least I got to see you and Alissa win that one race. You guys did so well I had assumed that you won all your races.

  2. Susan says:

    I love your blog. It is so funny and yet truthful. (how dare you think that a family reunion might not be the most fun thing to do on a Saturday!!) I hope you are well. I know you are carrying a huge load with your little family. I am praying that you will have the strength of body and mind that you need. It is a hard job. It is a wonderful job. God will honor you as you serve your family. I love you Nikki. Hang in there . . . with great joy. Love Susan

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