It has been a HOT summer so far. Ben’s hair is often plastered to his head with sweat. Nice.

So Neil gave him his first buzz cut. It’s becoming a summer tradition around here (Seth got his first one of the season a few weeks ago).
It’s always a little sad for me to see my kids’ hair shaved off their sweet little heads. And Ben’s hair has grown SO slowly- I think he’s only had 2 or 3 haircuts since he’s been born! But with this heat, the hair needed to go. Here’s a picture of the final product- it was VERY hard to get a shot of Ben not running around. And of course when I asked him to smile he clenched those eyes of his shut (for some reason it is physically impossible for Ben to smile on command with his eyes open)…
I can’t decide if he looks older or more like a baby again! Seth tells Ben that he looks bald. Ben does not appreciate that and fights often ensue. A lady in Wal-Mart today saw Ben and said “Ohhh look at that one. He looks like a real troublemaker.” She was spot on. Seriously. Seth seemed to skip the notorious “terrible twos” but Benji seems to be terrible enough for the both of them lately! But that’s another blog post….


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