The lake.

We spent a night at Grammy’s cabin last weekend.
It was wonderful as usual. The lake was so warm- we even went swimming, all of us, except Oliver. (Although Ben wasn’t the biggest fan). Seth was a little reluctant at first- he was worried about sharks. I told him that sharks can only live in oceans that have salt water. Before he would get in the water with me he asked, “Is it salty, Mom?”, sounding a little worried. He did jump in for a swim although he looked pretty nervous the whole time. The next day he was much braver and had a great swim with Neil.
The boys (again, besides Oliver) spent almost the entire two days fishing. I think they drove Neil crazy with requests to put more minnows on their hooks. Nobody caught anything but I think they all had fun. We all spent lots of time hanging out on the dock in the sunshine. Neil took the big kids for a canoe ride too. It was a great couple days. I hope we can find the time to get up there again before summer is over!


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