Baby Lambs.

The corn maze is pretty much my favorite place in the summer. Well, not the actual corn maze, but the petting zoo AT the corn maze. I wait anxiously for it to open, checking often at the website. I was excited to see that it was open this week. Seth was excited too- he spent hours last year playing with the kittens there. So I packed the kids up and we drove to the corn maze.
But it was closed! I guess they had updated the website but I hadn’t checked that morning. The great thing was that they let us go look at all the animals anyway. The even greater thing was that they were just about to feed the baby lambs. And the greatest thing was that they let Seth and Ben help! The cuteness was almost too much for me.
The lambs were just 8 days old.
Yes, the lambs here drink out of beer bottles.
I don’t know if there’s anything in the world cuter than baby lambs. (Except maybe my kids).


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