It can be a struggle to get our kids to eat their supper on most days. They don’t seem to be as hungry by that time of the day (probably because they’ve already eaten 27 small meals by 6pm) so unless it’s something they really love (and who knows what that is, it changes every day), they sometimes don’t eat much of anything at all for supper.
It was a different story on our holiday to Minneapolis though. We went to a BBQ place for supper one night. It’s one of my favorite places to eat. You get a tonne of food, it’s SOOOo good, and it’s cheap! Love it! Anyway Neil and I didn’t order food for the kids because we knew there would be plenty to share.
Benji wanted one of our corn muffins so Neil gave him his. Ben liked the muffin and was chowing away when I realized that he had eaten part of the muffin wrapper. Neil took the wrapper off and I guess that was the WRONG thing to do to a two year old. Ben started throwing a big fit. He wanted that paper and he wanted it NOW.
Okay fine then. Here’s your dang muffin paper. Sheesh.
Then Ben stopped crying. And proceeded to eat the muffin paper. Bite by bite. Until it was all gone.
And THAT was what Ben ate for supper that night.
While we laughed.
Hey, he was happy.


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