Rushing River.

At the beginning of August we attempted our second camping trip. This time to Rushing River. Neil and I have camped there every summer since I was pregnant with Seth. It’s about 2 1/2 hours from here and the kids (all of them!) slept pretty much the whole way. We were off to a great start.
We had a beautiful site, right on the river (like most sites at Rushing River). We even had a tiny little almost-beach. Neil and Seth swam there a bit and Seth and Ben spent a lot of time fishing there.

The kids loved this big rocky spot on our site. They called it the dancing rock and climbed it and danced on it a lot over the weekend.
The weather was PERFECT. 30 degrees and sunny every day. We went on a hike, we swam in the river (which was pretty warm actually!), we roasted marshmallows, we picked blueberries, we napped, we had a great time. We only wished we could stay longer. Next year maybe we’ll try 3 or 4 nights instead of just 2.

Oliver enjoyed camping much more this time around than last time. He actually let us put him down sometimes, and he even had some great naps in his bouncy chair.
It was a fabulous weekend, one of my favorites of the summer, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s trip!


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