Aloha, Rachel.

I hear Aloha means hello, good-bye, see ya later, or pretty much whatever you want it to.

In this case it means good-bye. Rach is headed back to Kona as I type this. And I miss her already. Good thing she’ll be back for a visit at Christmas, and hopefully I can save my pennies for another visit with her too.

We had a great summer hanging out with her- I am so blessed to have such a wonderful sister (two, actually!!). She lived in our basement bedroom for most of the summer and we sure love having her here. She brings such a nice, calming presence to our lives. I love how she dives right into our family life, helping out with the boys at bedtime, loading the dishwasher or throwing a load in the wash, and most importantly, eating our leftovers (what am I supposed to do with those now?!). We will really miss having her here, and part of me hopes that she will remain forever single and transient and always live in my basement for at least a portion of each year. I guess I am being selfish in saying that, but it’s sort of true. No, really, I hope for Rachel all the happiness that I have in life,  but in a way that suits her, whatever that may be. I love you so much Rach- hope you have a wonderful year in Kona! Make sure you update you blog regularly so I can keep up with all your Hawaiian adventures and continue to live vicariously through you. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to hear all about what you are learning and doing in the next year.


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