A little while ago my dad found some caterpillars and kept them. They turned themselves into cocoons. My nieces got to see one as a butterfly and let it go at a friends’ place. My dad gave us the other cocoon so that hopefully the boys would get to see a butterfly come out. And they did! The morning after he gave it to us I was checking on it really frequently. You could see the orange wings under the cocoon and my dad had said they come out really fast, so to keep checking. Sure enough, one of the times I checked on it, it was starting to break out of the cocoon. I called the boys and Neil and within a minute or maybe two, a monarch butterfly had emerged. It was really amazing!! After letting it dry itself out for a couple hours, we took it outside.
Seth took care of it for 20 or 30 minutes until it felt brave enough to fly away.
And then off to Mexico it went! Have a good flight!


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