First day of preschool.

Seth started preschool today. He’s been really excited about it for awhile now, counting down sleeps and everything. Until last night, when he decided he did NOT want to go to school. At all. Tears were happening. Same situation this morning. All manner of bribes were offered in exchange for one day at preschool. No dice. Well, too bad Seth, you’re going anyway, otherwise I’m giving your lunch to Benji. That did the trick (hey, there were Dunkaroos in that lunch!). Seth put on his shoes and we all loaded into the van. We all walked Seth into the school. I guess Seth realized that hey, school is actually a pretty fun place, and he ran off to play with some toys as soon as we got there and barely gave me a glance after that. I managed to coax a hug out of him and then we left. No tears, no fighting, nothing. I was SO happy. Because heck, I had been looking forward to Seth starting preschool for weeks now. Well, maybe months now. I’ll admit it. I am not one of the moms who cried when their firstborn headed off to school. I was so excited! Not just for me and the quietness that would be my house for ONE FULL DAY a week, but for Seth too- I just knew he was going to love it. That kid loves learning and I knew he was going to just eat it up at school. Anyway we went to go get him at 3:30 and he was all smiles. He had a great day. What was the best part? He went to the “park” THREE times! He told everyone he talked to tonight about that. Hey, who really cares about the letter “A” and the color red when you have recess three times a day! All in all, the 1st day of preschool was a roaring success, and Seth is already looking forward to next week. Me too!


4 thoughts on “First day of preschool.

  1. deanna says:

    SETH IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Is wrong that i want to be a teacher primarily b/c kids are so cute??? like i know it’s really hard to be a teacher. Believe me i know! but i love them!! and i love that they are so curious and interested and the no filter thing too đŸ™‚

  2. grammy says:

    glad he had a good day, this really is the cutest picture in the world – and now starts a lifetime of (school) learning. And, you’re right, this boy LOVES to learn.

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