Five Months.

Oliver is five months old now. There’s no newbornyness left in him anymore and I’m a bit sad about that but I am really enjoying this next stage too. He is SO cute and SO lovely. He is sleeping in his crib all the time (as opposed to his swing). He is taking wonderful naps (which Seth and Ben NEVER did until they were almost a year old) and going to bed between 6 and 7 pm and sleeping a good 6-7 hours at the beginning of the night. I’m pretty happy with him.
He started solids this week and he’s pretty thrilled about that. He just has a bit of cereal and a veggie at suppertime so far. He’s been rolling for a good month and sometimes I find him a few feet away from where I left him. He doesn’t usually go too much farther than that because our hardwood floors aren’t that comfy for a rolling baby’s head! Also, he’s almost sitting on his own now! He can balance for a couple minutes without any help. I guess it won’t be too long till he’s an official sitter. I think he’ll be pretty happy about that- he likes to be part of the action. We all sure love him!


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