Thanksgiving Part 3

Ahhh holiday Mondays. I love you.
Kids needed naps. Ben wanted to nap on the couch. I told him he could try but if he didn’t go to sleep he’d have to go sleep in a real bed. He actually fell asleep! With my mom cooking up a storm in the kitchen and Seth and Ciara hanging around and everyone else stopping by for visits. I fell asleep too. I never turn down a napportunity. How awesome is that- I just made up a word and it totally works. I’m runnin’ with it.
“Napportunity” – the opportunity to take a nap.
Yes, it totally works.
Anyway, back to the blog.
After naps- it was pool time! For the following reasons:
1) It was, like, 26C or something out. As opposed to the 1.2C it was the previous year.
2) My dad had heated the pool to a bath-like 93F. It was practically a hot tub. And that’s how I like it peeps.
3) We love swimming. Who doesn’t? And when an opportunity to swim outdoors in the middle of October presents itself, we take it.
So out we went.
Seth and Ciara were HILARIOUS. They were jumping in, belly flopping in,
and even diving in headfirst (sorry, no photo). They were having such a blast. Ciara is SO funny jumping in. She does the same little pose each time, like this: Neil thought it was pretty funny. He decided to try out “the ciara”. Turns out he’s even funnier at it than Ciara: (Though not QUITE as cute).
We hung out on the deck in the sunshine almost all day. It was GLORIOUS. We ALL swam, even the babies. It was pretty much the best Thanksgiving ever, and it has me wondering, “WHY don’t we live in a tropical climate again?”. Maybe we can move…


One thought on “Thanksgiving Part 3

  1. Rachel Hennan says:

    this looks so fun! i wish i coulda been there…and i love the naportunity almost as much as FOMS…
    and if you want a tropical climate maybe you should consider hawaii??

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