Baby bear.

The warm weather is gone. We knew it was coming I guess. We’re still getting out as much as we can, we just have to bundle up a bit more. I don’t mind, especially when I can put Oliver in his little bear suit… Cutest baby bear ever. Also, I can put on this little animal hat. I don’t even know for sure what kind of animal it is (owl, maybe?) but it’s pretty much my favorite winter hat of all time, ever since I bought it for Seth when he was a baby. I can never get enough of it and always look forward to even the slightest cool breeze that would warrant winter head gear. I think you can see why.
And just for fun, a picture of me and my dear husband, who’s been so great at taking us all to the park or to the playground this fall. Love you Neil! Now if only the snow would stay away….


3 thoughts on “Baby bear.

  1. grammy says:

    I love your little teddy bear and your little hat. So glad we’ve all been able to get out this fall! Let’s hope it keeps up, at least with no snow for quite awhile.!

  2. deanna says:

    I BOUGHT THE SAME HAT FOR AARON!! we have great taste, non?
    it’s owl. because I also bought the cutest owl sockies. I need a job. I’m jonesing for some baby clothes. For anybody’s baby. I just love buying them they are so CUTE!

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