The dentist.

We went to the dentist yesterday. We haven’t been in a long time. Like since the summer Ben was one and had chipped his tooth. The last time we went I had to hold down a screaming Seth. Ben started out fine and then realized from Seth that the dentist was not a good thing. Then I had to hold him down too. And all the dentist did was count their teeth!!

Anyway, I was preparing for the worst. We watched some videos online about dentist tools and we talked about it a lot. I was hoping to prepare them without crossing the line into freaking them out. And apparently I did it!

Seth had really wanted Ben to go first (Seth pretty much makes Ben do everything Seth doesn’t want to) but he got called first. He was a little nervous but he climbed up on the chair and proceeded to have his first x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride treatment without a hitch. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you might have thought Seth had been to the dentist a hundred times before this. He was such a pro.

And he got to wear sunglasses when they turned on the light.

Sadly we’ll be going back twice more because Seth has two cavities and they have to be filled separately. Somehow I don’t imagine those visits will go quite as smoothly.

Ben didn’t have a cleaning this time, but he didn’t really care what did or didn’t happen. He was just busy watching the movie that was playing.

All in all, a great trip to the dentist. Big thanks to my Grammy who babysat Oliver so I didn’t have to drag him out into the gale-force winds during his naptime. Love you Grammy!!!


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