What the what?!
Oliver is SIX months old today! Half a year! How did that happen? It’s just crazy.
He’s pretty awesome. Super cute as always.
Eating like a champ. Sometimes more than his brothers. Seriously.
Sleeping pretty good. Often 8 or 9 hours in a row. Once, 11! That was a good night. But he hasn’t been going back to sleep very well after that one waking unfortunately. So that means that sometimes he’s pretty much awake at 5 or 5:30 even though judging from his attitude he doesn’t want to be. He will go back to sleep if I help him out a bit but it would be nice if he would just do it on his own.
He’s a great napper and is very portable. He’s getting very used to being put to bed in his crib and then moved to the carseat halfway through a nap, or vice versa. Either way, he’s good with it. He will often nap for a couple hours, although an hour and a half is the usual. Whatever, I’ll take it. Naptime is the best time if you ask me!!
He’s a well established thumb sucker now and I love it. Besides being cute, it’s very handy! As soon as I walk into his room with him and put his head on my shoulder, he pops that thumb in his mouth and settles in for a cuddle. Then I just put him in his crib and to sleep he goes. Maybe I’ll wish he didn’t suck his thumb in a few years or maybe in 14 years when I’m paying for braces, but maybe that won’t happen. I was a thumb sucker for many many years and you would never know it looking at my lovely teeth (no braces necessary!).
He is ALMOST sitting on his own now. I feel like I’ve been saying that for at least a month now though. He’s so close, but still not there.
He’s also working very hard at getting mobile. He rolls and flips all over the place and is even starting to pull himself forward in an army-type crawl. He’s definitely figuring things out and I’m sure soon enough he’ll be following Seth and Ben all over the house!
So that’s what Oliver’s been up to lately. A lot!


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