I’ve been sewing and sewing and sewing.
And now Gigi is up and running.
Gigi? Yeah, Gigi. Ben has always called his little blankie his “gigi” (pronounced with a hard “g” sound- like in grandma). He loves that gigi a lot. I actually saw him holding it and looking at it saying, “I love you gigi!” one day. It’s pretty cute. So when trying to think up a “business” name I decided to give gigi a try. I know some people also call their grandmas or grandpas gigi too (but with a soft “g” sound). Either way I thought it could work. So I ordered up some gigi tags and set to sewing them on everything I make. I’ve burned through almost 180 tags since the spring! Wowsa! I don’t even know what I’ve sewed…
Anyway the time has come. Gigi is having it’s first ever craft sale on Saturday and just launched it’s facebook page. I’m excited! I even made business cards! (Like, real ones, not just ones I cut out of a piece of cardstock). See?
They’re not that fancy, but neither am I. I like them.
Anyway if you’re on facebook, please check out the new Gigi page. Just search for “Gigi Handmade Baby”. You’ll find me! Hope to see you on there!


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